Friday, December 2, 2022

a little more insight into my current show...that comes home Monday :(

That's the way it goes...especially if it is an installation. 

It is unlikely someone is going to come along and take the whole display home...but hey, make me an offer.

I made this video to document the work as it only exists this last month.

 - on the installation page - This show had an interactive activity - actually 3x activities to choose from. Please check them out

Of course the thinking is that the exhibit is a conversation starter - I personally don't have even a fraction of the insight about what a forest might mean to a person - so why not invite folks/viewers to share their thoughts - to show the multitude of connections people have with the forests. (not to overlook all the living creatures - but they cannot share).

Why not invite people to write to their elected leaders in support of forest management?

Why not asks viewers to share a special memory about their time in the forest?

So here is the video: the volume is low, so you might need to crank up your computer to hear the explanations.


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Set up - What does the forest mean to me? What does the forest mean to you?

 Think about it.

The landscape of the Pacific Northwest is continually amazing to me.

I truthfully have gratitude for my decision to move to Oregon and the opportunity to spend lots of time in the mountains and the forest and the rocks and desert. 

It really is amazing...even though the human parts can be pretty frustrating at times.

More soon - 

But here is a video of me setting up last week.


No there wasn't an earthquake at the end...just not edited.

take care!

Thursday, October 27, 2022




I am having lots of fun hanging this show. Why am I hanging it? Well - I am only hanging my Installation. OMG - truthfully, this is so personally insightful and exhausting, but good. 

I have serious gratitude for the chance to take this personal risk and try something new in such a public way.

Here is an early pic of the process.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

So much happening.... New Paintings photographed

 Thanks to Dan Kvitka...he does an amazing job.

As I am learning about these deconstructed paintings or better yet, I think of them of extension images. What do I mean - the one painting is just not enough to communicate to breadth of the concept, feeling.

Each one I construct/make/paint is bigger and bolder.

Below...they are shown with the most recent first, as the most recent is usually the one I am most excited about.


Monday, October 18, 2021

Some new work...nice to have time to think about ideas ;)

 Just had some photos taken, so I am going to pop in a few new images.

Now that I am not teaching I am finding more time to think through my art ideas. Some change is coming - though I will be focused on the nature and forest theme for awhile. 

I am missing the rich color variety of my earlier work, so looking to fit that in. Also with my background in metals and design, I want to try these arrangements - (the first one).

Reading Suzanne Simard's "Finding the Mother Tree," only contributes to my awe of the interconnected of the forest ecosystems and the symbiotic nature of it all.

All are acrylic paintings - on panel

"We found water at Killen Creek"- 3 separate paintings - 32"H x 18"W x 1.5" D 

"Drainage" 36" x36" - this is a large one, but am pleased with the scale and plan to do several more.

"Dry Branch Swing" - this was updated 12" x12" painting + branch and thread

untitled at the moment - my favorite black branch that I check on frequently through the season. Acrylic paint on panel + glass headed pins and marker